Dr. Stephanie Hajduk is a licensed clinical psychologist. She provides outpatient psychotherapy services for individuals, couples, and families, with a wide range of emotional and behavioral concerns.

Over the years Dr. Hajduk has worked in a variety of different settings and with individuals suffering from a variety of different disorders. She has experience diagnosing and treating disorders  including, but not limited to, Major Depressive Disorder, Anxiety Disorders (Panic Disorder, OCD, GAD), other Mood Disorders (Bipolor I and Bipolar II), Eating Disorders, Adjustment Disorders, Learning Disorders, ADHD, Impulse Control Disorders, ODD, Psychosis, and Personality Disorders. She also has experience working with individuals who have experienced brain injuries resulting in neurological problems.

In addition to different diagnostic pictures, Dr. Hajduk has worked with individuals of all ages. While working at Children’s National Medical Center, she worked with infants and children up to four years of age. During her time at DC Superior Court, Dr. Hajduk conducted therapy with adolescents ranging in age from 13 to 18 years of age. Having worked in an outpatient private practice before starting her own practice, Dr. Hajduk provided therapy to children as young as 5 years of age up to older adults who were 80 years of age.

Working in both rural and urban areas has given Dr. Hajduk the opportunity to work with individuals from different ethnicities, cultures, religions, sexual orientations, and socioeconomic backgrounds as well.

Dr. Hajduk has always had an appreciation and respect for others, and her passion for working along side individuals to guide them gives her great satisfaction. It takes a great deal of trust to be able to open up about one’s struggles, and she provides a safe environment for individuals to do so through the use of compassion, empathy, and humor. Dr. Hajduk aims to guide others so that they can live their lives to their fullest potential.